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When I was 14, I staged a rebellion at 2am. Until that point in my life, my freedom was not my own. My mother had kept my hair long, and refused all requests of color or length change. I begged and begged, and she assured me that because when she was six years old and … More Latest Blog

No Rain

I really thought I’d find a better song title to go with this blog, but all month long when I closed my eyes I imagined myself as this little pudgy girl in a bee costume, trying to do her busy bee thing in a world that is hell bent on being the least helpful or … More No Rain

Stupid Girls

Today kind of makes me sick, a little bit. It’s International Women’s Day. If you didn’t already know the history behind how this National day came to be, know that it has been part of the making since as far back as the late 1800s. It was nationally recognized in 1909, and has since evolved … More Stupid Girls

Teacher Teacher

“Everything else about the three-years-ago scene was different, though. That time I was not in Rome but in the upstairs bathroom of the big house in the suburbs of New York that I’d recently purchased with my husband. It was a cold November, around 3 o’clock in the morning. My husband was sleeping in our … More Teacher Teacher

Twist of Fate

  Do you ever wonder how much of your life is fate and how much of it is an elaborate game of chance? I wonder all the time. When I was twelve, I went to a party for a friend. Her parents had hired a fortuneteller. I remember clear as day walking up to this … More Twist of Fate


A while back a friend of mine shared that she had recently gotten her DNA tested to find out her genetic background. Thinking herself to be mostly Greek with dark skin and dark hair, she was shocked to find out that she had quite a lot of Irish blood dancing a little jig in her … More Roots