Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Alexa working on now?

She’s just in the first drafting stage of a sweet new Romance called Waiting for Autumn. According to her, she’s going to break your heart so good. Waiting for Autumn is currently in drafting, look for updates in Summer 2017.

When will this website be updated?

Alexa pens a blog each and every month, sharing a little bit about what’s been going on in her world. News and Upcoming events are sometimes added daily! Best way to keep in touch is to sign up! Follow this site by clicking the follow button on the bottom right corner of your web browser.

Where are the titles of the “Monthly Blog from Alexa” from? 

They are songs, just for fun.  In Alexa’s house, the music is on all day, every day. Some days the song inspires the moment, and other days the moment inspires the song.

Can I invite Alexa to my blog or event?

Absolutely! Alexa is available for Blogger reviews, feature posts, spotlights, character interviews and author interviews.  If schedule permits, she’d love to join your Author Event!  Please contact our publicist for more information.