Quiet Storm

It’s been a hot minute since you’ve heard from me.

One year.

I didn’t plan it, but as it so happens that is the first line in my current work in progress.

Many of you have kept up with me on social media and know I’ve had my hands full this past year. My small children with their small problems are somehow big children with big problems. I swear it was only a second ago I was shopping preschools, and now I’m shopping colleges. I’m pretty proud of the young men my boys are turning out to be, they’re just killing me a little bit with their conquer the world attitude because I have to drive them to do said conquering.


The continued battle with degenerative disc disease rages on. I spent months enduring multiple painful procedures to be able to walk again only to tear my ACL in my first week of freedom. I will be the first eaten in the zombie apocalypse, but at least I’m moving?!

And even though the book on the Baltimore Book Festival is barely closed, the newest chapter begins. 2019 planning is already underway, and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever! So much fun for you, but a lot of damn work for me right now. My writerly tribe may take my computer away from me if I throw one more spreadsheet at them.  I am convinced that 90% of the world’s problems can be solved on a spreadsheet.

But what about the books? The actual writing of my writerly life? Don’t worry, I’ve saved the best for last.

I’m not working on one project, I’m working on several. We live in a binge-hungry nation, so rather than give you one book here and one book there… I’m going to be writing all the words for the next little while. One day, I’ll pop up like Keanu Reeves did when he disappeared for five years but then showed up with all that is The Matrix. I was actually hoping to show some pieces of these projects to you so that you can share in my excitement over them, but unfortunately, we live in a post #copypastecris world (I’ll wait…go ahead and look that up).  My words will have to remain under wraps, but I promise you I’ve picked out all the best ones!

I’m hoping my absence won’t last as long as Keanu’s, so stick around and keep an eye on this space.

Wonderful things are being created.



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