The Dreamer Launch Party!

Tomorrow is the big day and I am so excited! I hope that everyone can join us for two hours of online fun, games, and giveaways!!

I thought I would put together a listing of my  visiting Authors, so you can explore their books and social media sites! It’s a great bunch of writers, I’m working my way through their books myself!

Guest Author #1 : Josephine Traynor

Website   I  Instagram  I  Twitter  I  Pinterest

Check out her book Rock Bottom on Amazon

Guest Author #2 : Lizabeth Scott

Website   I  Facebook Instagram  I  Twitter 

Check out her book You Promised Me Forever on Amazon

Guest Author #3: Emily Duvall

Website   I  Facebook Instagram Twitter 

Check out her book Back To You on Amazon

Guest Author #4: Amy Schisler

Website  Facebook Instagram Twitter

Check out her book Whispering Vines on Amazon

Guest Author #5: Red L. Jameson

Website  Facebook Amazon Pinterest Goodreads Twitter  I   Tumbler

Check out her book Bad Medicine, part of the Coming in Hot series on Amazon

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