Career Opportunities


Can you believe that’s a song title? An odd little gem from The Clash. While the lyrics are weird, the title works well.

As I sit here on the eve of my birthday, I do so in my *almost* completely remodeled office. My most favorite gift from my most favorite guy. I’m not one to be too quick to commit when it comes to where my stuff lives in my house. One thing I have learned about moving 10 times (YES TEN) in the last two decades is that each home demands its own attention. Your utensil drawer is the first one on the left of your refrigerator in one house, so naturally that’s where you put it in the next. After six months you’re standing in the middle of your kitchen reorganizing all your cabinets because when you went to grab a spoon you thought they would be better in the island in this house. So that’s where the spoons and all their little friends will go from now on.

When we moved here, I didn’t buy furniture for the office. I set up two folding tables for my desk and lined the walls with shelves. I wanted to see what evolved. What evolved was our life as this house sees it. It’s loud, it’s busy, and it requires a shocking amount of glue dots. I have stock piles of plastic ware because we have parties and I’d rather spend time with my guests instead of in front of the sink washing dishes. We have craft supplies because we have a child who is constantly inventing things, and we want to see where his little brain takes him. I’ve gotten rid of things, as the years are slipping by too quickly with the child who is now taller than me and is no longer interested in the curious discoveries of a monkey named George. We have wires and ropes, camping gear and motherboards because I am married to the most outdoorsy¬† geek on the face of the planet. This is my life in the here and now.

But then….

I did something brave. I dusted off a 20 year old Han Solo folder and pulled out 46 pages that were the bones of Rising Ridge. I created a whole new world as I sat at these two folding tables in the middle of my busy, busy life.

I’ve spent the last several months working on The Dreamer. And with it, comes career opportunity. Torrid Books has signed on to publish it, and I am so very excited to be working with them to bring Claire, Max, Tilney and Pilot into the world.

Over the next few month there will be changes, plans, and movement. Stay tuned!!

In the meantime, seems like this house is making room for one more personality. The writer. I am so excited to see what’s behind that proverbial door of opportunity.


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