Have love, will travel


Perhaps it was the magic of the Leap Year. This month has been small, but mighty.

The internet is a pretty amazing place. I should know, I have spent the last 29 days being “virtually” everywhere.

I feel exhausted as I sit here in my fluffy pink flannel PJs at my desk. Though my poor, underused Fitbit has logged no steps, I have put some serious miles on my keyboard as we traveled from cyber spot to cyber spot. All in the name of love for two crazy kids in a small town called Rising Ridge.

First thing’s first: Huge thanks to YA Bound Book Tours (my full tour here.) They were the magic behind the curtain. The hooked me up with 15 different bloggers, who shared Rising Ridge with the masses. We shared favorite excerpts, playlists, and well….opinions!  My particular favorite was Jen over at The Cubicle Escapee.

I love her Oh dear, I’m in love with a romance novel quip. What really made my day was her connection to Olivia’s lack of direction. We all suffer from a bit of wanderlust and I poured all of mine into Olivia. It thrills me that other people feel as lost as I do  as Olivia does sometimes. Especially when our path lay clearly right in front of our damned faces.

Additionally, this month was #authorlifemonth on my Instagram. Umm..hello….so much fun! Not only to share my own day to day not so inspirational moments, but to get to see those same moments from other writers! Surprise, your desk looks as awesomely chaotic as mine. Thanks to them, I now have a ton of new writer friends and a list of books to read a mile long.

Never forget Twitter…my favorite spot to share my rants about life in under 140 characters pearls of wisdom. This one snagged a tweet of the week from the Maryland Romance Writers.


I’m bursting into March with a Book Blitz (more blog stops!) to wrap up my Kindle Unlimited days for Rising Ridge. It’s been fun Kindle Readers, but it’s time for Nook to have its turn!

And also…The Dreamer. SO MUCH GOING ON!!!  I will leave you with this quote from one of my Beta Readers as I gave him only the first 16 chapters to see what his thoughts would be as he stood on the edge of Madness with the character:

“I’m angry that you left me here…”

I will leave you with the words of my favorite doctor:

Allons-y my friends, Allons-y.

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