If you follow me on Instagram you know I have been participating in a collective effort known as #autorlifemonth. For the month of February, you can get a glimpse into not only my life, but tons of other authors! It’s a great way to find out a little more about the very real creator of your favorite book.

Today’s challenge: Writer music. Rather than just offering a song, I thought I would offer a whole world. I prepared a monthly blog for March, but will release it early in honor of Day seven #authorlifemonth Enjoy!

As a reader, one thinks that characters are just simply made up words on a page. You can make them anything you want them to be, or mold them into the shape you have for them. This is only true on page one. Just like in life, as the pages pass, as their days pass, they become who they were meant to be. They grow, they learn, they love, they hurt. They become. By the end of the book, these are not people that I’ve created, these are people who are real. They’ve created their lives through their own experiences. These are people that I spend my time with, and I am as much of an audience member to their world as you are.

The songs were chosen by the characters. When you step into their shoes, this is the soundtrack of their lives.

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And the Radio Played…


Want to know the who, the what, the where of each song?


Reveal Here…

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