Telling the World

As my world begins to turn its magical shade of sparkling white (make that record breaking sparkling white here on the East Coast) , we are reminded that Mother Nature is still, very much in charge. While I have never been a fan of cold, icy weather, I do enjoy big snow events because it’s forced quality time with the people around you. At the end of January, more than 30″ of snow fell within a 24 hour period. Work was closed, school was canceled, and we were snowed in for the better part of a week. In that week, my family and I watched movies, played games, and got hours of time together that we would have never otherwise gotten. We also banded together with our neighbors, and for several days, spent hours outside sledding, throwing snowballs, and building caves within the massive piles of snow. There was even a luge built, and it’s already gone down as one of the best events in neighborhood history.

Still, I was a sneaky little worker bee and was able to get several balls rolling in the calm before the storm, and I am very excited about it all.

A local children’s magician I know always ends his shows with the same riddle for the children to ponder in their little brains.

This institution is the biggest lending institution in the world, and it doesn’t charge any money for its services, what is it?

The public library.

As a reader, my library card is one of the most actively used cards in my wallet. As a mother, I rely on programs that the library provides to show my children that there is quite a good deal of fun to be had as they learn new and interesting things about the world around them.

As a writer, one of my main objectives this month was to get Rising Ridge on the shelves at my local library. I am thrilled to have accomplished that goal, and equally as thrilled to share that I have been accepted in several other counties in my area. I look forward to expanding the availability over the next several months, and hope to reach readers through the extraordinary power of the biggest lending institutions in the world.

I’ll be the first to say it….. come check me out!

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