Funky New Year

For my whole life, the holidays meant gathering after gathering with friends and family. Christmas Eve here, Christmas Day there, birthday parties shoved in for the December babies of my life, and gathering round to watch the ball drop with some awesome friends on New Year’s Eve. This year, we’ve even had the added bonus of having my husband’s parents in town for a visit, a rare treat as they live several States away. We are busy. We are blessed.

I am already looking forward to the months ahead, so many exciting things planned. My life is changing so quickly that I can hardly keep up, but baby, I’ve got my running shoes on!

The Good:

I’ve just wrapped up a really great contest over at Goodreads where several hundred folks entered to win some signed editions of Rising Ridge. I felt like a total boss standing in line at the Post Office with my small stack of books wrapped up for the winners. Congrats to them, and happy reading!

I am teaming up with the folks over at YA Bound Book Tours and will be heading out on a virtual tour for the week before Valentine’s Day! I am looking forward to visiting various Book Bloggers and chatting with them about Rising Ridge. Keep an eye out for some really fun additions to the book, so you can dive deeper into the story that played out in my mind while I was writing the book.

I have figured out Twitter! Sort of! At least, I have figured out how to link my Instagram account to my Twitter page, so you can follow me through my daily crazy life if you so choose to do! I continue my battle with Facebook and the ever constant issue of “reached posts”, the loophole to the Business Page. Though my personal account remains private (insert a picture of your cute kid here, complain a bit about the hormones of a budding teenager and you’ve read my page. You’re not missing much.) I find that I have to share my own posts just to have them seen. So yeah…Twitter if you have it. It’s a way more direct platform for me.


The Better:

I have just passed the half way point on my first draft of The Dreamer. Let me tell you my friends, it is getting hot…literally. I have lost two very precious weeks of writing to the holidays. Time with my family that I do not regret, but I cannot wait to open that file back up and get back into the locked closet where I’ve left our poor Claire!

The Best:

Reviews are coming in! A review is so very important to Authors, especially to first timers! When you’re shopping along the bookshelves and you’re wondering if you’re going to like a book, the first thing you do is read the reviews. Everyone has been so very kind, and I am loving hearing what you’re favorite moments of the book are! One reviewer recently said that she would love to read more from the people of Rising Ridge. Funny thing is, I wonder about them. A couple of them in particular. Maybe the will come back round for a visit one day.


Happy New Year!

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