Release Me

So many possibilities for today’s blog title, but I went with the most direct!

Rising Ridge is officially for sale today! I have to admit, I might have looked it up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble once or twice, or 65 times. Who’s counting?

I am so excited to bring this story to life, and introduce readers to these characters who have all but become real people in my world. I hope that you fall in love with them, as I have.

Rising Ridge paperbacks can be found at a variety of online retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The E-book version is part of Amazon’s exclusive KDP Select program, which means you can borrow it from the Amazon lending library, or get it for free if you are part of the Kindle Unlimited Program!

Can’t get better than FREE!

Check out Rising Ridge today! Just in time for the holiday season, it makes that perfect little gift to complete your shopping needs!


Limited Edition Signed Paperback
Visit Amazon Today

Limited Edition Signed Paperback
Visit Barnes & Noble Today


Happy Shopping!

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