Rising Ridge Soundtrack Preview!

Have you noticed that all my blog post titles are titles of songs? They are. I love music, it’s important to me. The proverbial radio of my life was plugged in and turned up at the age of 16 when I walked into a record store and applied for my first job.

The job and the record store are distant memories, but the music…it’s still playing.

As I sit behind my computer and create an entire world out of a blank screen and a few keystrokes, it is the music that flows out of the speakers on my desk that opens that world to me.  I am there. I see what they see. I feel what they feel.

I’ve just put together a complete soundtrack of 19 songs that I hope will transport you as it did me. As you listen, chapter by chapter, song by song…be free. Be there.

The full soundtrack will have its debut along with the book at the launch party, but will be released online in a few weeks.   Until then, I offer you a small peek into the music that will take you to Rising Ridge.

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** You will have to obtain a Spotify account to enjoy this playlist. I apologize for the inconvenience, but it is a way for me to legally be able to offer you music and ensure that the artists are paid for their hard work**

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