Introducing Briana


This evening I was thrilled to take the backseat and host a special event for the very lovely ladies of the “Just off Wetherburn” Book Club. For October, they wisely chose Shatter by Briana Michaels. Looking for something fun, but with a little bit of spirit for the Halloween season, Shatter was the perfect choice.

I contacted Briana immediately and invited her to make an appearance, and share with the ladies some insights of her story. Briana is one of my oldest, and certainly my dearest friend in the world. It thrills me to be able to bring her book to new readers, and it was a true blessing to see her shine as she spoke about her writing process.

It is an amazing thing to have a friend that you’ve gone through all seasons of life with, and you get to be there when they truly begin to emerge on the other side.

Go check out my girl, she will take you on an amazing adventure.

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